Spring Chinook and Bass Fishing on the Columbia and Willamette Rivers in Oregon

Our Spring Chinook fishing trips are done in a 26 foot, North River Jet Sled on The Columbia or Willamette Rivers. The Spring Chinook Salmon is the largest species in the salmon family. It is a Pacific Ocean salmon and is variously known as the king salmon, tyee salmon, Columbia River salmon, black salmon, chub salmon, hook bill salmon, winter salmon, Spring Salmon, Quinnat Salmon and blackmouth. Chinook salmon are highly valued, due in part to their relative scarcity compared to other salmon along most of the Pacific coast. Fisheries officials predict that the 2011 return of summer chinook salmon to the mouth of the Columbia River will be the largest on record dating back to 1980. The upriver spring chinook forecast is a return very close to the recent five-year average.

We are fishing The Columbia and Willamette Rivers for Spring Chinook from now through May. We are offering half and full day Spring Chinook Fishing Trips:

1/2 day trips for up to 6 people for $125 per person
Full day trips for up to 6 people are $225 per person