Crabbing Trips – Hammond, Oregon

Crabbing Trips in Oregon
$110 Per Person To Enjoy Fresh Dunginess Crab To Your Hearts Delight!

During October through early December we offer crabbing trips near Astoria, Oregon. These trips are great for everyone, including children, because they are shorter in duration but offer big rewards.

Enjoy this adventure with your family and friends or take this opportunity to entertain clients with this unique experience. We are able to take single groups with up to 6 people or multiple boat trips, all with licensed guides.

crab potsFor $110 per person you can enjoy your limit of fresh Dunginess Crab. We bait the crab pots and all go out to place them in the lower Columbia River in a 26 foot North River Jet Sled. We’ll then take a couple hour break. You can see the sites, enjoy breakfast and the beautiful area.

ODFW Recreational Crab Fishing Measurement
ODFW Recreational Crab Fishing Measurement

We’ll then meet back to pull up the pots. You’ll learn how to identify where we left our pots in the vast waterways of The Columbia River. We’ll pull your bounty from the river and measure each crab for keepers.

We’ll then return back to the dock to have your catch cooked, cleaned and put on ice for you.

Each person’s limit is 12 crab. Getting your limit is the norm in this crabbing fishery. The best time to do these trips are late October through the Month of November. When limits are attained on these trips you’ll be taking home about $100 in crab per person.

Make sure you are comfortable for your trip. Wear layers and good rain gear to keep warm and dry. Rubber boots are always a good idea because cold, wet feet can really be uncomfortable.

You can book morning or afternoon trips so if you aren’t an early riser an afternoon trip can be a good option.

Dunginess crab is some of the tastiest. There is a very short season before the commercial fishermen come into the area so join us now.

For more information on arranging a crabbing trip for you and your family, friends or business associates, give Grant a call at (503)784-1217 or purchase your spot online.