About Grant

great outdoor adventuresIf you’re going to take a trip with Grant Putnam it’s important that you know just how awesome he is. Of course you could just ask him, but that would be cheating…and he might leave something out (read on…).


Grant grew up in the Pacific Northwest with a love of the outdoors, fishing and hunting. This is pretty fortunate because it’d kind of be a bummer to do these things with him if he wasn’t into it (cha-ching! Awesome point numero uno.) Grants father, Glenn Putnam, Grandfather, George Putnam, and family friends, Joe Birkenfeld and Bob and Darrell Shaw shared with him the Deschutes River, the Wind River and many of Oregon’s coastal streams in close proximity to the Portland area. Grant loved having the chance to catch fish and learn about Oregon’s salmon and steelhead runs when he was young. Spending time with his Dad, Grandfather, and their many friends fostered a love of this sport and the outdoors.

Grant graduated from David Douglas High School in 1978. He lettered in football, basketball and baseball where he learned the importance of teamwork and building friendships. Also, you definitely SHOULDN’T ask Grant about his days as a competitive Roller-Dancer. And you definitely shouldn’t ask to see some pictures of the outfits he wore. Although, if you’re anything like me it’s more fun to hear a description of the outfits and create your own mental picture, but don’t because that’d be mean, right? That’d be super mean…yeah, totally don’t do that.

Putnam explains that the reason he’s a guide is because he loves people, the great outdoors and being able to share it with others. He says he really enjoys “the relationships that are developed with each guest during our adventures.” Grant came from a corporate background where he would entertain his own clients by taking them hunting and fishing and felt that he could bring something special to the industry by becoming a professional guide himself.

Whether he’s guiding family trips, or for friends, or for corporate outings, he says it’s about the journey and being able to share the fisheries and outdoor activities with new and old friends, “that is the reason that I’m doing what I’m doing.”

Grant has been guiding full-time since 1995. He also has a farm and cattle ranch in Central Oregon and has spent many years Team Roping in Rodeos. Grant is an accomplished auctioneer and enjoys the success that brings to organizations, individuals and events.

And I really don’t think we say it enough Grant, but way to stick it to the man. Not many people can fish for a living and there’s surely no-one that does it better than you!